Does Content Curation Have a Role in Thought Leadership?

 Can someone who curates content be a thought leader? A content curator by the way is someone or a company that discovers, organizes, and shares relevant content on a topic, sector or theme. I've always maintained that content curation doesn't equate to thought leadership (TL). Why? Because to be a TL necessitates generating original, new content or insights that address your markets' issues or challenges. By doing this you display your depth of expertise on a topic or a business sector and become the go to expert in that space. After some good banter on one to two websites about whether content curation can make you a thought leader, I would like to share two observations on the topic. Curated content is great support to thought leadership The first is that curated content can play a very important role in supporting and informing a TL content program. For example, curated content feeds are a great way to keep in touch with trends which can inform your TL topics and in tha